# Getting Started

There is a saying that goes " To catch a thief, you need to think like a thief " (opens new window). We take that same approach to stopping fraud. We attack fraud at the core of every medium it may choose to present itself. Minimising your risk to exposure and maximising your conversion.

# Requirements

Some of our fraud prevention services are only available to certain account types. If you are not sure of what you have access to, contact support@verified.ly for assistance.

  1. Make sure your account is in Production mode: You can verify by signing into your developer dashboard here (opens new window). If it say's Sandbox then you need to request to move to production. alt text

  2. Understand what each service does: You dont want to use the wrong service to try to fight the wrong type of fraud. Every startup needs a different type of security, figure out what works best for your case.


Pay-as-you-go customers are restricted from using some of the services in this section.

Last Updated: 2/27/2022, 10:10:50 PM