# Business Verification


By now, you've probably taken a look at how to verify an individual Identity, now let's talk about how to verify a business. It's a very straight forward process and only requires a handfull of informaion that you will need to collect from your business customers during the on-boarding process.

# Getting started

Before you are allowed to make a request to this endpoint, ensure that you have set a webhook in your developer dashboard's webhook page (opens new window). Without this, your request will fail with a 401 error code. You should also ensure that you have enough balance to cover the cost of the request. Refer to this guide for help with setting up a webhook.

# Endpoint

/verification/business POST

# Request Body Structure

Parameter Required Description
apiKEY YES Your Verifiedly API Key
businessName YES The business' registered name
idType YES EIN or DUNS
duns NO DUNS number (opens new window) .Required if idType is DUNS
ein NO Employer identification number (opens new window) Required if idType is EIN
businessAddress YES The business' address
businessCity YES The business' address city
businessState YES The business' address state in ANSI (opens new window) format
businessZipCode YES The business' address zip code
businessCountry YES The business' country in Alpha 2 (opens new window) format
incorporatedDate YES The date in which the business was registered. MM/DD/YYYY
incorporatedState YES The state in which the business was registered.

# Sample Request

var axios = require('axios');
var qs = require('qs');
var data = qs.stringify({
  'apiKEY': 'your_API_Key',
  'businessAddress': 'business_Physical_Address',
  'businessCity': 'business_Physical_Address_City',
  'businessState': 'business_Physical_Address_State',
  'businessZipCode': 'business_Physical_Address_ZipCode',
  'businessCountry': 'business_Physical_Address_Country',
  'idType': 'EIN_or_DUNS',
  'incorporatedDate': 'business_Registration_Date',
  'ein': 'business_EIN',
  'duns': 'business_DUNS',
  'incorporatedState': 'business_Registration_State'
var config = {
  method: 'post',
  url: 'https://api.verified.ly/v1/verification/business',
  headers: { 
    'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
  data : data

.then(function (response) {
.catch(function (error) {

# Sample Response (Result Pending)


You will most likely not get a result on the verification instantly in some cases. When this happens, we will provide a result_pending status in the response body in addition to a requestID. Please save this requestID in your database . When we send the result to your provided webhook, you will need that requestID to identify the business.

    "status": "result_pending",
    "message": "Business verification request received. Result will be sent to your webhook.",
    "requestID": "K3UUf3hxCGCQvQZrjm3AsdkSeopZDln8"

# Sample Response (Completed)


In the event that you get a result with the status completed immediately after the request is made, you will receive the full verification result and validated data as a response. You can then use the returned data to complete the business onboarding.


This is also the structure in which we will send the webhook notification to you when a result is available.

    "status": "completed",
    "business_verification_result": {
        "request_id": "K3UUf3hxCGCQvQZrjm3AsdkSeopZDln8",
        "verification_status": "FAIL",
        "failure_reason": "ein_mismatch",
        "request_time": "2021-05-14T01:00:09.000Z",
        "business_details": {
            "business_name": "Verifiedly LLC",
            "business_address": "651 N broad Street, ste 205",
            "business_city": "Middletown",
            "business_state": "DE",
            "business_zipcode": "19709",
            "business_country": "US",
            "business_incorporated_date": "07/14/2020"
        "validated_business_address": {
            "primary_number": "651",
            "street_direction": "N",
            "street_name": "BROAD",
            "street_suffix": "ST",
            "secondary_designator": "STE",
            "secondary_number": "205",
            "city": "MIDDLETOWN",
            "state": "DE",
            "zip": "19709",
            "county": "NEW CASTLE",
            "longitude": -75.717766,
            "latitude": -75.717766,
            "address_type": "commercial",
            "building_type": "highrise",
            "mail_deliverability": "deliverable"
        "business_ofac_check": {
            "ofac_status": "PASS",
            "ofac_result": []

# Verification status types


There are only two verification statuses: PASS or FAIL


A PASS verification status means that the identity details provided matches official government sources and has been successfully verified.


A FAIL verification status means that the identity details provided does not match official government sources and so has failed the verification.

# Status Codes

Congratulations 🎉 🎉 , you have verified your first business identity successfully. Here are some status codes to take note of.

Status code Meaning Reason
401 No access You are trying to access an endpoint you don't have access to
401 APIKey issue You are trying to make a request with an invalid api key
200 Success Your request was successful
400 Request error There was an error in your request
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